Tuesday, August 23, 2011

when improv meets @greenleafcenter ...

lucky me ... turns out (in my opinion) improv can provide a nice venue to practice and learn the types of characteristics associated with servant leadership.

the past 5 months with the greenleaf academy class foundations of servant leadership has overlapped nicely with the beginning improv classes i have been taking with made up theatre (mut) for the past 8 months. during the most recent mut improv class C, we were introduced to truth in comedy.
LISTEN ... be honest . connections cannot be avoided . respect choices made by others . accept and build . avoid preconceived notions . stay in the moment . nothing is ignored . there is no such thing as a mistake . welcome the silences . there is action in thought . reflect each other's ideas .
key practices in improv ... those are among the several key practices emphasized as part of an improv class i have been taking for the past eight weeks. every monday night, i have the opportunity to practice, play, and learn. unexpectedly, i have found that much of our mindset during improv is quite similar to the characteristics associated with servant leadership. and about servant leadership ...

LISTENING ... empathy . healing . awareness . persuasion . conceptualization . foresight . stewardship . building community . commitment to the growth of people . self-awareness . changing the pyramid . developing your colleagues . coaching, not controlling . unleashing the energy and intelligence of others .

nice to have the overlap as a reminder

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