Saturday, August 27, 2011

final touches for my @greenleafcenter final paper

the foundations of servant leadership ... our paper (described over here) is due today. here is the introduction to my paper ...


There are BRIDGES yet to be constructed by those who live and

breathe in their ENVIRONMENT Air, Land, and Water. Egos stand firm

on the ground that they were born and choose not to acknowledge that

being one step closer means choosing to be one step FURTHER.

My VISION is to Create Those Bridges. Shirley Rivera

My journey as part of the Greenleaf Academy’s Foundations of Servant Leadership has reinforced the importance of remaining mindful of my 1994 epiphany, reflecting on life observed and experienced, and engaging new knowledge. With new knowledge of querencia, spirit carriers, and primus inter pares, I have revitalized my mission, vision, and values – an unexpected and welcomed outcome through five months of increased self-awareness and reflection. I continue to believe that one person can and should make a difference, and I am reminded that connections – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically – naturally exist. Because of this, I have come to realize that my journey of servant leadership began many years ago and will continue for many more years to come – not only in reflection but in manifestation.

thank you for letting me share

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