Sunday, December 18, 2011

f|break: sunday morn

comedy ... and @SCTVfans (on twitter, web) made my morning. breakfast? (yes!) ... pancakes! (of course!) ... syrup? (sure! wait, 3D???) - - - SCARY (?!) (thanks, count floyd!)
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SCTV (or second city tv, on imdb)... was a total FAVE back in the day with my brother and me. we would watch it on a little 13" television, maybe jump around like ed grimley (via martin short, on imdb) and profess our love for pat sajack or drive like edith prickley (via andrea martin, on imdb)  many funny actors are from sctv. in addition to the site, there is a great compilation site - SCTVGuide over here - for a die hard fix down memory lane.

this morning, while i was thinking about pancakes and catching up on my dvr sketch comedy shows, naturally ... pancakes = count floyd. right? (correct answer: YES.)

enjoy a fiber break with count floyd, aka joe flaherty (over here)
for ~ 2:33 min at  dr. tongue's evil house of pancakes

would you like some more pancakes?
would you like some more syrup?
(r.i.p. john candy)

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