Sunday, April 3, 2011

f|break: sunday morn

it's a guy thing ... shared by folks from made up theater, so, i figure i'd also share this clip which eventually leads to urinary arrogance ...

enjoy a fiber break with guy-pee-tips (over here)
for ~ 7+ minutes of how to piss in public

crucial move ... no one saw that, right?
i'm doing the pushes

i'm letting some drips go down

awkward part, awkward part, putting it back ...

and walk ... and zip ... back in the undies

urinary arrogance


  1. The best part? The background in scene 1 is a simple-cycle gas turbine NYPA installed with almost no environmental permit process. They put in 7 of those things one year around the city.

    Bill N in VT

  2. Th ge second best part? Back-ink. It goes great with the tweedy jacket with leather elbow patches.

  3. Funny! I especially liked that diaper part at the end!


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