Thursday, April 21, 2011

plaid in cubeopolis

tights ... from @leg_avenue (on twitter, facebook, web), my plaid tights with my operetta black malibrans from fluevog were quite eye-catching in cubeopolis. (thank you leg avenue and 23 skidoo vintage)

plaid day ... it was unofficially plaid day yesterday, so said shiny penny andy. both he and i were shackled-cubesters, tied to an on-line event, so neither of us quite got to plaid-walk together around cubeopolis.

i spy shirlnutkin's cube-o-rama ... in the world of cubeopolis, each cubester has his/her own personal cube-0-rama, framed by four beige walls where push pins and magnets find a reason to exist. then there are just the surfaces where STUFF just happens. for some cube-o-ramas, it's a tidy sight. for others, it's an a.a.d.d. celebration of sorts.

deconstructed cube-o-rama slice o' life... i have STUFF. let's begin with one day and one slice of cube-o-rama. let's i spy STUFF (roughly from left to right)...
  • to go coffee copy
  • shotglass (gift from a cubester)
  • bejeweled computer monitor
  • red pencil sharpener
  • red, flocked wrapping paper
  • my health month rules
  • squirrel postcard
  • albert einstein bookmark (with quote "great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds")
  • whiteboard pen holders
  • pen with punching girl and pigtails standing up
  • leather classes case
  • 23+oz plastic water bottle
  • black malibrans (from fluevog's operettas)
  • plaid tights
  • black leather planner
  • zen board (desk version of a buddha board)
  • pink piggy bank (from nashville, tn ... thanks kate and gwen)
  • felt marker pen holder
  • pictures and paper galore, including niece+nephew, pigdog, malia+javier, guac monster, sculpture (once at laguna art museum), tim biskup mini-cards
  • tarsier with red fez and red wine
  • solo cow in moonlight
  • printed box with girl stuff in it
  • distance glasses
  • empty ziplock bag
  • scooping yogurt
  • shoe magnets
  • reading glasses
  • coffee-stained (years of...) teeth
  • and ...
... i'm sure it looks different today.
what do you
i spy?

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