Friday, April 22, 2011

smushed banana #inmybag

my @inmybagcom contribution ... what i found yesterday - a smushed banana (now in the compost bin. i know - don't ask ...) - resulted in a delayed photo post for in my bag (on web, twitter) ... well, it's a pick of at least one of the two bags i carry each day.

i saw this idea on a blog that i follow - lisa's foods on the move (on web, twitter) - and her post over here. fabulous web site, by the way!

bag-go-round ... typically, what is in my bag one day is different from the next - not too mention that i also switch out bags fairly regularly. so perhaps this will be great blog fodder for the future.

smushed banana ... when i got home last night, looking to fish out my key-caddy-o-metal, icky sticky metal and wet fabric alert! then i remembered that in the morning, i intended to eat a banana during my commute and decided a baggy was NOT needed. FAIL. (note to self - keys can puncture banana skin when crammed in a bag that is not intended to carry a banana that can be punctured by metal-tools-o-death)

i spy ... i played i spy for plaid in cubeopolis (over here). i'm tight on time this morning - and cubeopolis beckons, so i have to get in my car soon. if you wanna i spy, have at it.

meanwhile, i'll be using a different bag -
- this one is still a little damp
(and fragrant-ish)

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