Saturday, April 2, 2011

a l'il about the love project 2011 ...

what is the love project?
the love project is a the creation of yvette francino. yvette started the love project, as described more over here, to honor her friendship with a man named craig dunham, who died of ALS last year.

the love project is a year long project with bit-sized, weekly assignments - all encouraging one to explore, experience, and share love with others and with ourself. so whether you do each week's assignment or weave in and out of the project, know you are helping out yvette as she writes her book, and you are doing a little self-awareness and self-improvement along the way. here is my take on the love project. and as mentioned in my post, yvette shared as part of the love project roll-out -
"I'm copying Gretchen Rubin's Happiness Project idea. I'll blog and learn about love and write a book about it. ... This one will be completely non-fiction and will not reveal the mysterious details of my own love life. ... I chatted with Gretchen briefly and got her thumbs up for me to go ahead with my project and I have some fun stuff in mind... Prompts for bloggers (similar to reverb10), a "website of the week" segment, themes, videos. Stay tuned for more information!"
as a side note, i met yvette through reverb10 and shared mutual thanks for our virtual budding friendship with my gratitude to her (over here) and yvette's to me (over here). and i also have been enjoying her book, the laptop dancer diaries. puffy heart!

where can one check it out?
as of february, the love project has been part of yvette's current blog, lessons of  love from a laptop dancer. yvette's love project posts have the label - love project (of course). and as always, using the love project's main page (over here), you can keep up on the week's assignments.

how can i let others know about the love project?
there is the old school way of telling your friends via face-to-face over coffee, tea, food, etc., but of course there is the virtual and electronic world.  you can help spread the word by cutting and pasting the following (or some form of the following) -
"Join The Love Project: #love2011"
- into a tweet or facebook post or even point them to this page.

how can someone join the love project
you can simply start - by commenting on yvette's blog post for whichever week's assignment you are doing. and if you want to do more, you can do so many ways-
  • privately as part of your own journal,
  • with and for your friends on facebook, twitter, flickr, youtube,etc.,
  • as part of your on-line presence via blogger, wordpress, or even your own site, and/or
  • coffee-or tea-talk with friends
just let yvette know what you are thinking about the love project. again, it will help her as she does her research and writes her book.

my fun with the love project - a work-in-progress
with my nutshell monthlies, it is apparent that the love project fun can (and will) be regularly posted. i use the label love2011 for my love project posts. here are my monthly shares -
thanks, yvette, 
for a great 
first quarter of 2011!

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