Saturday, February 19, 2011

#love2011: day 6 of RAK - donate (and day 5 RAK) ...

#dokindness ... day 6 of the RAK kindness challenge is to donate to a cause. as part of last week's secret valentine's activities, i donated to The Arc of Alameda County on behalf of the woman i had as my secret valentine.

my charity and cause of choice for today's RAK ... jengyee for a better world fund. it's simple (and tax deductible) using pay pal, google checkout, old-school bank transaction, or even donating in the name of someone else with a gift card.

the purpose of jengyee's fund ...

To "better the world", the Fund has three major goals:

  1. Fight Diseases and Improve Health Care Systems,
  2. Preserve Our Planet, and
  3. Develop People.
jengyee and i met ... through a cal mentorship program (a bit over here). we became friends and supporters of each other and of the environment. and as a result of just a simple girlfriend chit-chat, she wrote a book - hello real world - to share with others her thoughts and tidbits for those transitioning from college into the work force. here she with her toastmaster's speech (over here) - be careful what you ask -

enjoy a little break of almost 7 min with jengyee

"confusion, regret, surprise,
fear, hope, disappointment, acceptance"

my friend, jengyee ... died of lupus at the age of 25 years old in november of 2008. in february of 2009, family and friends held a memorial at the cal berkeley campus, and a couple months later on april 27, a memorial tree planting and dedication was held outside on the northside of cal's CITRIS building.

(no transition; just more kindness.)

day 5 ... of the kindness challenge for RAK week was carpool or pay someone's bus, metro or subway fare. my contribution was paying for a commuter's tool.
albeit this was not quite public transportation related, however, i figured if the toll collector would occasionally also tell others (besides the recipient of the gratis toll) that "... it is random acts of kindness week, so please consider doing something kind to another" - well, that's a few more people in the world. (i'll revisit this fare payment kindness when i commute via bus and reduce my carbon footprint.)

got kindness?
consider donating to jengyee's fund,
a new charity, or maybe a favorite of yours.

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  1. Hi Shirley, your blog is great. Just want to share two things briefly as I need to get back to work. Unbelievable but true! First, Jengyee's book was picked up by a communications professor in a university in Massachusetts as one of the assigned readings in his class. Needless to say the sale has seen a quantum jump in the past two months. And you may not know it yet, every single penny of the royalty goes to her fund from day one.

    Second, a memorial website for her is almost built. Stay tuned. Thanks. Love, Tom


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