Wednesday, February 2, 2011

f|break: mid-week nooner for #love2011

the love project ... this week's theme is know yourself! my extra credit fun over here. and this morning, yvette, the project creator, shared a few personality tests to know yourself. this immediately reminded me of some fun i had when i hosted interns back in the san diego days.

(repost from 01/21/2006)

Gone to the Dogs has a great personality test (see the "Game" link to the left of the website) ... so the result of my personality test is below. You can press the 'play' button. Let the little film run its course for the czesky terrier's ORIGINS and PERSONALITY.

(updated 2011: oops! error for doggie video, bummer ... HOWEVER)

NOW THEN, just go on and take the test yourself at the game link!

PERSONALITY TESTS! Somewhere along one's career (or even outside of the workplace), we learn our personality - from a test - administered by an indifferent or paid 'professional' or both. Be prepared, as you may be asked to take a test. Beat 'em to the punch! Here are a few to start -

alphabet soup ... Myers-Briggs (based on Jung) - a person learns his/hers "four letters" - I/E, N/S, F/T, J/P ... generally defined as - introvert/extrovert, intuitive/sensing, feeling/thinking, judgement/perception. if you search on the web, there are many variants (like keirsey) of M-B.

rainbow ... Colors that can also provide insight to one's personality - blue, gold, green, orange. (by the way, i PURPOSELY made sure i put blue & gold next to each other - GO BEARS!).

dogs ... by the (Canine (A)lgorithmic (T)ransfer (S)ystem ... A well-kept secret (though not among some of our more recent interns and the loads of people to whom we have forwarded this test) ... dog breeds! Gone to the Dogs has a great personality test (see the "Game" link), which we use after week 1 of our 10-12 week internship program.

The downside of this on-line test is you don't get to see scroll through the different 'dog personalities'; take the test, and you'll see. The upside (which totally makes up for the downside) is that you gotta get others to take the test.

If you are wondering about how I have tested - ENFP ... Blue/Green (with the higher scores) and then Gold/Orange (with the lower scores) ... Czesky Terrier.
it's 2011 ...
time to take that test again
(now that my cubeopolis life is WAY different than 2006)!

the miniature schnauzer!

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  1. Hi Shirley,
    I'm a SCHNAUZER (GIANT)! Fun Test! I love personality tests. I think it's really cool to realize the unique differences in us all. :-)

    Thanks (as always) for turning me onto another fun site!


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