Saturday, February 12, 2011

h|month-terview (feb '11): with specgirl ...

get-to-know #healthmonth ... team CDWL@edi team member specgirl. she jumped on this month's h|month-terview - taking the lead for and inspiring the rest of the team!

we learned a bit about specgirl in january (part 1); january part dos will be posted tomorrow ('cuz it's a specgirl's weekend!). this interview is based on h|month-terview questions over here.

(SIDE NOTE: this our our team's add-on-fun, inspired by healthmonth and is NOT formally part of the on-line healthmonth experience. but hey! spurring on creativity is a good thing, too!)

my name: specgirl
  • childhood ambition: to play piano
  • fondest memory: a kiss
  • soundtrack: hold me to this: christopher o'riley
  • retreat: the beach
  • wildest dream: end to discrimination
  • proudest moment: being an aunt
  • biggest challenge: i wish i had nine lives
  • alarm clock: the sun
  • perfect day: go for a run
  • first job: faculty
  • indulgence: blue bottle coffee
  • last purchase: speed rope
  • favorite movie: american beauty
  • inspiration: friends and family
my life: is about enjoying every moment
my card: mastercard

until the next
team CDWL@edi h|month-terview ...

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