Thursday, February 10, 2011

#love2011: week 6 show & tell so far

secret valentine at cubeopolis ... i mentioned secret valentine in the week 6 love notes assignment post. someone asked about it recently. so a quick-ish explanation goes something like this -
  • pick a person's name ... among a group of people (in this case, for 2011, there are about a dozen people), each one draws another person's (aka cubester's) name

  • bond with that cubester (anonymously/secretly) ... the name drawn is his/her valentine cubester, for whom that person becomes the recipient of little valentine-love-thank-you trinkets (all anonymous)
  • gifts and/or decorate ... little gifts and trinkets and decorations in the cubester's cubeorama are stealthily left (for this year, tues & thurs were assigned days - but any day is game)
  • unveiling and celebration ... after the days of fun, the moment of reveal happens over a little potluck breakfast gathering. this year, it will happen on monday (so more pics and fun then).
    • you first ... i, as the secret gift-giver, will reveal my identity to the cubester i've gifted and decorated her cube AND give one last gift.
    • now me ... i, as the cubester of a secret gift-giver, will learn who my secret-gift-giver is AND give a thank you gift to my secret valentine
and the pics shared here ... these are the goodies that have been left in cubeorama for me. the cow? it moos when you push its head down, and (in theory) poops a sweet-tart-like candy out from under its tail. the foil wrapped candy? cherry swirl dove bites. the jelly beans? cocktail classic flavors. and the socks? well, they are socks with kisses and heart symbols.

the cubester i have ... she is VERY OFTEN at her desk, so i have been leaving little trinkets as i did on tuesday. i also left a little a few more gifts for her - a purse-sized photo album and a cute bookmark which says "love" and has a little poem. and a bit of cubeorama decorating.

thanks love project ...
i'll be leaving a few more love notes for my cubester
for a few other unsuspecting cubesters!

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