Thursday, February 17, 2011

f|break: thursday morn

project top chef model ... pop culture mash-up clip from atom - 4 models, 7 chefs, 3 fashion designers competing for the best fashion designer cook model. (thanks to cliffieland over here and here for sharing this clip.)

enjoy your fiber break with project top chef model (over here)
for ~ 2:39 min to hear the twist about one of the faux-testants
(a little rated R for the f-bomb early on, then it's PG-13-ish)

"sewing, sautéing stitching, fry, posing for the camera,
toasting, draping fabrics,
flambéing, pleading,
sewing food to clothes and modeling them,
making clam chowder shorts"

"my ass is hot enough to melt a cast iron skillet"
"pancake hats"

1 comment:

  1. LOL! Interesting, indeed. All this multi-layering of talent is, seriously, a lot to keep up with.


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