Sunday, February 27, 2011

it's that time of the month ...

#healthmonth ... lock and load your rules (and any exceptions) for march. there are eleven new rules and a rules wizard. remember you have until march 1 before midnight to load up your rules. they will be locked in by march 2.

team CDWL@edi ... we are doing great. however, i see we all have some catching up to do - i had 3 days in the queue. checked that off my list this morning.

new team members interested ... if you know anyone interested in joining team CDWL@edi, make sure to let me know so i can approve him/her. and as a reminder, our team is over here, and we have DAILY DO and DAILY DON'T requirements. and they can join health month over here.

11 new rules for march ... have you checked out the new rules? i know there are some that several team CDWL@edi may enjoy! of the 11, the several that come to mind -
  • do yoga
  • stretch
  • do your household chores
  • walk at least x steps a day
  • track your spending
and a few more rules from the 4-hour body slow carb diet and the no s diet.
other suggestions ... perhaps someone should simply suggest to buster -
do cross fit WOD
- as a rule, eh?! (yes, i'm talking to smiles and j-ro - wink! - if you've not yet done so.) here is the uservoice forums/health month idea tracker to do so.

rollover your rules from february, aka rules wizard ...
and i believe everyone has seen this already. buster added a feature to import your last month's rules. when i used it earlier last week, the notes and exceptions had not rolled-over consistently; some notes were mixed up under other rules. nevertheless, a GREAT update to healtlh month!
see you in march team CDWL@edi,
and maybe we'll have some new team players!

side note: i've been getting requests from health month'rs to join team CDWL@edi or
simply for sponsorship. and for some, they are giving me lives and fruit
AND asking for sponsorship. how about you all? getting asked, also?

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  1. I must confess, I'm just not cool enough to catch all the accronymns. I'm just a plain speak girl.


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