Wednesday, February 9, 2011

#love2011: week 6 in progress

love notes ... here is my love note thanks to yvette for creating the love project.

secret valentine fun ...
this week's assignment, love notes, is happening during a secret valentine's effort at cubeopolis. i am having fun checking out the love note messages and decorations others are leaving for their secret valentine. throughout this week, we are decorating and leaving little gifts for our secret valentine. next monday on valentine day, those participating will spend a little breakfast potluck and share stories about their secret valentine fun. we also will have a fund time "un-secreting" ourselves. (pics later for that effort) i'll be excited to see what next week's love project assignment will be!

my un-secret here ... i am pretty certain (99.97%) that my secret valentine is not aware of my blog. if she is ... surprise! otherwise, yesterday morning's offering to my secret valentine ... a little wooden toy massager (which likely is going to be a cubeopolis knick-knack) and a cute pez bear dispenser, that i believe has pez (oops, better check!).

the card is made by the arc of alameda county.
i realized after i packaged up my secret valentine gift giving, the card was made by clients of arc. i purchased a package of their cards over holiday from paddy's coffee shop, a long-term supporter of several community organizations.
from this, i decided to donate to the arc on behalf of my secret valentine - and am reminding myself that love notes can be for groups of people - fabulous organizations that help the community!
thanks, love project,
for reminding me about
the love that others also provide to community.

1 comment:

  1. I hope someone is spoiling you with Valentine goodies as well!

    Alas, I work from home and can't participate in any cubeopolis traditions, but Secret Valentine's sounds like a fun one!


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