Wednesday, February 23, 2011

f|break: mid-week morn

prince ... (again) just one prince fiber break for today, 'cuz pho queen and i are seeing prince tonight in section 127, row 12. yesterday's fiber break of the most beautiful girl in the world for pho queen has a link to the previous prince clip posts.

monday's show ... here are some reviews of monday's show over here from sfgate, from sj's mercury news, from 99.7 radio, . and here's the setlist.

b-sides ... while picking up coffee at paddy's, paddy mentioned the b-sides.

(there is a whole generation - at least - who does not know what a b-side is ... shame)

enjoy your fiber break with prince (over here)
for ~ 3:46 min on the b-side with erotic city

Erotic City - Prince
Uploaded by abelflexes. - Explore more music videos.

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