Saturday, February 12, 2011

valentine, marlene vergara, and etsy ...

lovely original art ... from marlene vergara on etsy, she has such beautiful original artwork. i posted a bit about her back in october over here. and with valentine around the corner (or perhaps a birthday, anniversary, or just because ...), i remembered marlene's artwork, so i visited her site.
(an image from
marlene's site)

a little more from her etsy site -
"Hello everyone...I am an artist with a background in graphic and textile design. I live in Northern California with my husband and daughter and a very sweet collie. I studied graphic design in Southern California and received my BFA in Textile Design from The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. I worked in design studios in Manhattan for several years before moving back to the West Coast where I freelanced for apparel companies in the Bay Area including The Gap and Banana Republic."
i have had the fortune of a wonderful friendship with marlene's husband, my friend affectionately known as stupidicus, for i am moronicus. (a little back story over here)

(excerpt from 10/12/10 post)

marlene's shop carries 8.5 x 11 prints of her original artwork that were created with variety of mediums ...
  • lithograph drawn on limestone
  • painting done in ink and liquid gouache/watercolors on fine art wax paper
  • illustration done in ink and Prismacolor markers
  • illustration done in ink, then digitally enhanced
  • painting done in designer's gouache (opaque watercolors)
  • painting which was done in oil on canvas
  • illustration done in ink and gouache
  • illustration done in ink on Japanese rice paper, then digitally enhanced
thanks in advance
for visiting marlene's shop

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