Tuesday, February 1, 2011

#love2011: week 5 - one word - results

the love project ... week 5 assignment "extra credit" results so far (from know yourself) of a few friends sending me ONE WORD to describe me (for which i started to send them, unsolicited, a one word for them) ...

i described myself as "FAIR" (and continued to ponder), while others shared other ONE WORDs, and where some ONE WORDs were mentioned more than once. results? as listed below in alpha order - (and i'll update this blog post if other ONE WORD shares are forwarded.)

awesome ... caring ... catalyst ... compassionate ... (very) compassionate ...communicative ... cookie ... driven ... dynamic ... efficacious ... energetic ... engaged (twice sent) ... enthusiastic ... fabulous ... groovy ... honest ... humorous ... intense ... quirky ... sassy ... social ... spirit ... supportive ... (very) supportive ...

meanwhile, a few people decided to provide a little more than one word ...
  • cookie - "it's a multi-definitional word. you're tough, sweet, comes in a little package, and a little kooky."
  • deep, unfathomable - "marianas trenches" (from the same person who brought me cookie)
  • fair - "seriously? fair? this seems a little bland for you." (then my friend sent me 3 fabulous words!)
  • intense - "the first word that came to mind was intense. that's not to say that's how you are best described, i just tried to pick the first word that come. keep or discard at will." (and later, my friend shared with me that her boyfriend described her as intense!)
thanks to the love project
for know yourself


  1. I agree with the person who questioned "fair." While you are undoubtedly very "fair" that word does not nearly encompass your complicated and unique personality! Let's face it... one word is not nearly enough!

    You certainly are someone who is goal-driven and self-aware -- always looking to grow and help and love. You have a very big heart. It's no wonder that compassionate came up more than once.

    You are just the unique and wonderful girlnutkin!

  2. Duh...forgot to send mine...

    I would have to say "enthusiastic" fits you.

  3. So happy to have found my way to your "word" and words. Look forward to reading more!

  4. @yvette ... thanks for the kind words! and as i mentioned, you are creative!

    @joelpk (aka carlito) ... looking forward to enthusing (?) - and my word for you ... mysterious (in that fascinating way!)

    @aidan ... thanks for the visit, and visit when you get the chance!


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