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f|back (june '06): interns in the '90s

interns ... i thought about my internship program because of my recent post for the love project. at cubeopolis, i have recently had an opportunity to (re)repackage my r|cat internship program (formally structured in 2004 but in place less formally since 1995) to modify it a bit for an internship effort. stated differently - i look forward to working with a friend to implement an off-shoot of my internship program this year in cubeopolis.
(2006 intern, amabelle,
as part of reality: intern, aka r|intern)

program features ...
i REALLY loved the internship program i had developed and truly believe in the value of its elements - outlined 10-12 weeks activities and deliverables, stated qualifications, areas of responsibility to choose from and focus, mid-program (aka mid-term) and final presentations, evaluation of presentation (a little like a mini-toastmasters), goals and objectives, draft of resume content (BEFORE completion of internship program) when outlining project(s), and peer/mutual evaluation as an informal performance review. i am also glad that there are others who see the value of the program.

random memorable moments ... with every intern, there is ALWAYS a memorable moment. i am glad that in 2006 i captured those for interns from the '90s decade. (note to self: pull together the 2000-2006 batch of interns!)

(repost from 06/03/2006) i've been asked how many interns we've had. labing-lima. quinze. quindici. fifteen. quince.
a few things before i list those whom i can remember...
  • volunteer - some have volunteered time
  • honorarium - still a volunteer, but some have received a form of gratitude, which is not necessarily compensation commensurate with services (e.g., laptop carrier, wireless card, meals, reference materials, etc.)
  • independent contractor - some have served as independent contractors, often if they have some level of work experience
the following are first name only, some characteristics i recall, and a random memorable event (RME).
  1. jason (dan's son) [1995, 2001] ... (flagship of interns!) interned with us twice; first volunteered for experience and then as an independent contractor. first time was during summer while finishing up environmental engineering degree. second time was after a couple years of work. very hard worker. creative. good self-starter. RME: 1st time - blue blazer (symbol of adulthood, tho' a little "wham-looking" type of blazer) when we had a meeting with my 1st client (City of Chula Vista). 2nd time - deb's party in aliso viejo.

  2. cris [1996, 2000] ... interned with us twice; first volunteered for experience and then as an independent contractor. had a geology degree. met him when he was as hired as a summer student worker at my last "corporate america" job (with the electric/gas utility). he was coming out of high school and was very self-motivated ... by the tide. he'd do at least an 8-hour work day - and flex time around the tide. to surf. yeah. to surf. RME: 1st time - benigan's & "his" driver's license. 2nd time - dinner & drinks at old town mex.

  3. susan [1996, 2000] ... interned with us twice; first volunteered for experience and then as an independent contractor. totally bright. self-motivated. entertainingly sweet. was seeking a degree in environmental-related field. quite organized and RME: 1st time - working on an air quality permit (1st one) and totally kicking butt! (it was awesome.) 2nd time - speed-calling for a project that resulted in meeting a very aggressive deadline.

  4. maria [1997] ... volunteered. recommended by a work colleague who was teaching an air quality extension course at UCSD. brief stint. helped on emission calculations, permitting and regulatory review. extremely fast-learner. attended a client meeting with me. spoke (and still does) italian (1st language), german, french and english. had tendency to say numbers in german. RME: 11:00 PM (yeah - night!) phone call to discuss a table of emissions and regulatory interpretation.

  5. agnes [1997] ... volunteered. her background in geography (GIS interest). developed maps as part of my presentation material to my first distributed generation (DG) related client that was in the process of commercializing a new gas turbine. client very happy! RME: at dinner, having a philosophical conversation about life.

  6. ryan [1998] ... honorarium. SDSU internship program. part of international business class. our 1st time (only time) with this program. (had other prospects in subsequent years but no fits from the candidates that applied) stipend (tax-deductible) to the school. knew MS Access. made a database for fledgling san diego greenmap effort. RME: an odd habit - though not disturbing and remaining unnamed - that hopefully has not carried into his professional life.

  7. christina 1 [1998] ... volunteered. communications major. girlfriend of the son of a friend of mine. (follow that?) helped with a newsletter that i wrote for a local association. RME: attending an association meeting while men twice her age gawked. (to give you an idea - she had a stint as a newscaster in florida).

  8. greg [1999] ... honorarium. my friend's co-worker asked my friend if she knew of summer job opportunities for her friend's son. that's how greg came to us. environmental engineer student. worked a brief stint - air emissions calculations + regulatory interpretation. bright. self-motivated. attended client meeting. RME: attending a client meeting and being reminded i was short, because he was tall (as was everyone in the room).

  9. laurel [1999] ... independent contractor. environmental science major. had a previous summer job with a corporate environmental department. did mega-work with us. jammed through many-many activities. high energy. committed. attended client meeting often. RME: one of hundreds of gals who attended/participated in a local radio event-stint ... where some guy was looking for a date ... gals were lined up to impress him and get the date. she did this before work - cute leather jacket, fitting top, home-baked cookies, a little 'gift', and a sweet opening line. (we heard her on the radio) she didn't get the date, but we had some extra cookies!
o.k. - interns of this decade (2000) in another post.

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