Saturday, February 12, 2011

f|break: saturday morning

archer ... TRIFECTA! this will be the third (and almost last until tomorrow) in this fiber break series of archer (on imdb and on official site) as shared on friday morning twice (once here and then the double-take).

a few of the actors had a little interview stint with ETC - voices for sterling archer (h. jon benjamin), cheryl (judy greer), pam (amber nash), cyril figgis (chris parnell), and creator/exec producer adam reed (and you can see the cast of archer here).

enjoy an extended fiber break with some of the cast of archer (over here)
for ~ 6:20 minutes at comic-con 2010 ETC extra

"working on archer ... 7-8 years ... we've got all the episodes,
FX is just holding them back ... like 200 episodes ...
i miss
love boat ... i have a terrible dirty mouth ...
she took this crazy, sick turn ... all the choking stuff ...
red dead redemption ...
i would be a prostitute in the old west, let's face it."

BONUS fiber ... gotta have an interview with lana kane (over here)
for ~ 4:40 min with aisha tyler (who's not only a comedian but a gamer)

"i care nothing about things where you
hop and jump and there are monkeys"
"i want to shoot you in the face ..."

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