Sunday, February 20, 2011

f|break: sunday morning

prince ... (again) pho queen and i will see prince
who is formerly known as [or O(+> ], the artist formerly known as prince

on wednesday in section 127, row 12.

"I went to see the Jackson Five when I was a kid,
and they all wore flat
shoes and it didn't work."

after yesterday's dave chapelle prince plays basketball fun, it's time for some nostalgia - purple rain (and more nostalgia can be found at the prince vault). i saw purple rain when i was in college, danced to the soundtrack at SF clubs, and listened to friends talk about how awesome the prince and the revolution concert was. (yes, i didn't see the purple rain concert.)

enjoy your fiber break with prince (over here)
for ~6 minutes when doves cry

... touch if you will, my stomach
feel how it trembles inside
you've got the butterflies all tied up
don't make me chase you, even doves have pride ...

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