Friday, February 18, 2011

#love2011: more thoughts on week 7

#dokindness ... yvette is dovetailing the love project week 7 assignment with a week's event by random acts of kindness. my previous thoughts on week 7 included a little about valentine fun, smiling, donating, and giving gratitude.

RAK challenge ... given yvette dovetailed with RAK, i've been having fun with RAK's daily challenges through this week beginning of valentine's day, the 14th - to date being -
  • send a note of appreciation to someone (day 1)
  • smile at 10 strangers (day 2)
  • hold open the door for someone every chance you get (day 3)
  • bring a treat to your work/school or someone in your neighborhood (day 4) (thanks paddy!)
  • carpool or pay someone's bus, metro or subway fare (day 5)
thursday's tasty RAK treats ... these 3 pastries - bear claw, chocolate croissant, almond horseshoe - were gobbled up by the gentleman that man the parking garage, which i use for work. yes, i realize they are not organic and not that healthy, but i also realize they are what makes someone's morning - especially given their running to park cars, coordinate customers, etc.

today's RAK ... i can use the carpool lane, which means i can zoom by many, MANY others. HOWEVER, today, i am going to become a conventional solo-passenger commuter and purposely pay full toll AND pay the person's toll behind me AND have a longer commute in AND learn patience ...

... and i'll visit paddy's coffee house
for a tasty treat of my own.
patience and sugar,
this morning's pick-me-up!

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