Wednesday, February 2, 2011

spur of the moment serpentine ...

(our #healthmonth celebratory dinner moment, pics)

serpentine ... an american-themed restaurant in san francisco (at the northeast corner of 3rd & 22nd in the dogpatch area), last night pho queen and shirlnutkin had a spur of the moment dinner date at serpentine (over yelp, on their site, and on open table), with their tag line of
"honest food
classic cocktails"

dinner is our ice cream dessert ... we had a pre-dinner ice cream date. this means - dinner came after ice cream at mr. and mrs. miscellaneous. we were walking back to my car, which was unknowingly parked in front of serpentine. frankly, we've been in that area fairly frequently and have never noticed the restaurant. (shame on us!) side note: they serve brunch, so we will add this to our breakfast buds - especially because they serve something called red flannel hash (for gadget man).

red meat for dinner ... yes, pho queen and shirlnutkin had our health month rules in mind. and we both decided to celebrate our january victories and our february fun with a savory dinner. our selections, with some sourdough bread and water (yes, no wine this time around) -

spice braised lamb shank
roasted parsnips - yellow carrots - fregola sarda - cashews - cilantro mint chutney

grilled storm hill ranch hanger steak
roasted rainbow carrots - creamed nettles - sunchokes - crumbled feta - fried shallots - sage jus

our meals were fabulous! ... and oops - that was a shallot, not a garlic clove. and that was a sunchoke. yes - a return for a fun cocktail, a sweet dessert, and a breakfast buds brunch is in our future.

celebrating health month ...
we finished with a great january - even with a few bumps in the road here and there (winter colds, cubeopolis work, socializing) - and are excited about mixing up our rules (and keeping some mainstays) for february.

allowing limited red meat ...
we each have the rule limiting our red meat intake and therefore checked "yes" for our daily true-up. pho queen allows it twice a week and therefore has one more meat allowance until next tuesday, 02/08, while shirlnutkin used up her one allowance for the week - and her day 2 health month morning looks something like this ...
... with the remainder of her week looking like this - presuming i do not go over the quota i set for myself (and i will not go over my quota)few fun lessons learned? ... here are a few for me -
  • be mindful of our surroundings because we can discover new restaurants.
  • take the easier parking space that does not involve parallel parking.
  • eat dessert before dinner to eliminate having to eat dessert after dinner.
  • promote health month to the server because he commented on our "red meat" allowance jibber-jabber.
  • celebrate our on-going self-awareness of our health-minded choices.
  • breakfast buds must try brunch at serpentine (soon!).
and create moments of
enjoy spur of the moment girlfriend dates


  1. I like your fun lesson #3.

  2. I think Goddess Aphalta is always on our side when we visit that particular corner of the Dogpatch lol


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