Tuesday, February 1, 2011

hipmtfn: week 1 of monday evening

improv ... the weekly improv class i am taking with made up theatre started this monday evening. three of five guys - ben, bobby, dustin - taught this evening's class. with my having zero experience AND an expectation simply to arrive excited and leave more excited - expectation exceeded!

immediate reactions? ... i am thankful that these guys are so excited about teaching people. thank GOODNESS i get to experience this weekly - a great offset to cubeopolis world frivolity. (note to self that it is a little chilly in the beginning but then all the movement keeps the blood going - good thing.) and time flies by quickly. it's great that there are others with a variety of interests and backgrounds, with a few also not having any experience. totally another social outlet. and finally, i am very excited to see how this dovetails into my friend's suggestion to consider this as part of rolling out website i have brewing.

little assignment through the week ... among the many(!) different exercises we did this evening, lessons being learned - observe, give, take. it will be very fun to see how differently i carry-on throughout my days.

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