Friday, February 4, 2011

psa: it's wear red day ...

go red! ... with #healthmonth in mind, i'll be sporting a red dress today, and i donated to the american heart association to acknowledge and support efforts for fighting heart disease.

your turn? ... it's simple and worthwhile.

one of my goals this year is ... to have a healthier lifestyle where i stop paying pharmaceuticals (by the end of 2011) for my bad eating and inactivity habits.

i have already created several healthier habits - better eating habits, more activity and exercise, and continued spiritual activities. health month is the flagship of my efforts, while dovetailing with other activities - president's challenge and betterU. and as part of my activities, FABULOUS support from friends!

health month side bar ... my february rules have been locked in. i've kept the majority of my january rules with a few changes, AND i've replaced habits i've developed with new rules and objectives, including learning to minimize gluten, processed food, and high fructose corn syrup.

back to go red ... here are some of the links from the "receipt" email you'll get when you donate -
update ... today's red dress
with a nice heart-shaped locket.

and thanks to

go red for women
the betterU program

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