Monday, February 14, 2011

happy birthday, sci-fi guy ...

happy 48th, sci-fi guy ... you know who you are. and you know i care and love you lots - puffy heart! you are the ordinary joy that i celebrated during day 27 of reverb10, which i'm reposting here for your reflection. however, before i do so, just know that someone else wants to wish you a happy birthday! (wanna celebrate? we can see the bieb in 3D or just do something fun!)

(reposted from 12/27/2010)

day 27 prompt ... Our most profound joy is often experienced during ordinary moments. What was one of the your most joyful ordinary moments this year?
(Author: Brené Brown)

(my commitment to myself for stream-of-conscious writing ... excited to see what pops up as i type!)

that telephone call from an old friend ... hands down, my friend, sci-fi guy*, from college tracked me down and called to reconnect. just that phone call and chit-chat alone was absolute joy!

bonus post-call ordinary moment ... the conventional reunion/catch-up lunch that followed shortly from the telephone chit-chat was a bonus to the telephone call. aside from the what's been up and remember when these past 20 plus years, we talked about the here & now ... current events, books read, rants & raves, etc., talking because we truly were sharing in dialogue.

mega bonus ... after lunch, we toured the facility where he works. (i am a geek at heart and LOVE looking at processes for product development to product marketing!) and finally, mixed in with the ordinary joyful moment, the news of my friend's health circumstances - and for that, the movember challenge shall go beyond the little fun moustache picture and have a different and much deeper meaning for me.

joyful ordinary and life's reality ... i am glad to acknowledge how joyful a telephone call can be, how
a quick lunch can open the door to old memories and memories to come, how appreciative i am for the goodies after the facility tour (heehee), and how thankful i am to be part of sci-fi guy's life. and i believe joyful ordinary moments that co-exist side-by-side with life's reality are those for which love is made.

be well, my sci-fi guy buddy,
and thanks for introducing me
to the nutty and zany IFC food party

*(i know my friend whom i've nick-named sci-fi guy
would prefer to be anonymous. thank you for sharing.)

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  1. Sci-fi guy sounds like one cool dude and is lucky to have you as a friend. Thanks for sharing your appreciation of his friendship and how looking for ordinary joys can lead to an extraordinary life.


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