Tuesday, February 15, 2011

#love2011: thoughts for week 7

kindness ... yvette is dovetailing the love project week 7 assignment with a week's event by random acts of kindness. with valentine's day as part of the week, needless to say, there is lovin' and kindness being shared among many. and for some, a birthday greeting for my friend. just wanted to share a few thoughts ...

smiles and laughter ... a big "thank you!" to my friend l.a.g. in cubeopolis for her fabulous morning greeting. when i popped in to say good morning (with heart ears in tow), she smiled and laughed and said -
"thank you! you totally made my day."
- and of course, i said -
"you are welcome. my pleasure!"
- and i left her cubicle with a big smile. (yes, don't think i didn't pop my head into others' cubes. who wouldn't want to see smiles and hear chuckles!) and THAT is all it takes. a quick acknowledgment of happiness and gratitude.

donating to share love and kindness ... as part of this year's secret valentine's activities, one of my gifts to my valentine included a donation to a local organization, the arc.

during the celebratory morning breakfast events for secret valentine participants, i shared with them tidbits about my participation in the love project. and i mentioned that love notes was last week's assignment and this week's assignment is kindness. my valentine told me that she LOVED the donating to an organization as part of another element for the annual secret valentine's activities. as part of her thank you note to secret valentine participants, she mentioned she is going to encourage others to consider donating to an organization - and perhaps also do so in the name of someone for whom they care.

that put a big smile on my face! hmmm ... speaking of ...

today's RAK challenge ... smile at ten strangers (details over here). given that our health month's team CDWL@edi requirement includes -
DAILY DO smile at least to one stranger
- this means i just have to step up my game! no problema!

thanks, love project,
for dovetailing with random acts of kindness ...
my cheeks will be hurting today! love it!

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  1. I can hear your smile in your words! Thanks for all the smiles and kindness!


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