Sunday, February 20, 2011

#love2011: week 8 on reframing rejection

the love project ... this week's assignment - reframing rejection.
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kelly paige standard)

yvette, the project's creator, has included a main assignment and a little extra credit for this week -
Assignment 8: Write about a time you were rejected and realized that it turned out to be a good thing. Maybe it opened a new door for you. Maybe it gave you material for a book or comedy routine (see video!) Maybe it motivated you to keep trying. Maybe it helped you finally get out of a relationship that wasn't good for you. If you leave a comment or write a blog post, I will feature your blog on Website Wednesday.

Extra Credit: Use humor! Find a funny story or video (or make your own!) and let me know about it and I'll include it on the Friday Funny post.
(last week's assignment: week 7 on kindness)

girlnutkin, shirlrelo2, and shirlrelo flashbacks ... given my blogging is just life observed & experienced spewing, i will scour some of my previous blogs' posts for this week 8 love project assignment. killing two birds with one stone - revisiting posts to pull into girlnutkin and reflecting on perspectives and experiences of rejection. (it's like a reverb10 moment - reflecting.)

yvette's sunday tidbit ... yvette shared a thoughtful, simple post today - so you don't get an email response - big deal! for some, it is a big deal - it's a big deal in that person's head. (for others, it's what it is - an unanswered email). so the simple solution - close the loop and check-in with the person.

(side bar rant & rave ... in my physical life - my home, my office, my car trunk, my garage, my purse - i get to choose how i fill up (or not) my space. and having some unoccupied space is great (as borrowed from my friend kit), especially to create new things to come into my life. sometimes my space ebbs and flows with my moods. but for the most part, i look to keep my physical space occupied with those things that feed my soul. (and i'm working toward a better fed cubeopolis existence) ... likewise, if i'm going to have space taken up in my mind, i'm going to choose something worthwhile. rejection? is it really worth taking up space in one's head with all that "story" about an unacknowledged email (or text message or social network comment or phone call) as rejection, with all the negativity behind it? NO, it is not. ... end of side bar)

initial thoughts for week 8 ... from rejection, i have found i experience moments of writing emerge. little epiphanies pop-up, and reminders of lessons learned peek around the corner. the main thing is that i MUST acknowledge these moments. so that means i write, acknowledge mini-epiphanies, and learn a few lessons.

in some cases, for me it's simply about taking a deep breath and being self-aware of the circumstances - AND THEN it becomes a l'il less than simple than that, but it is really important to me - seeking to understand what we create and what (and who, where, why, why not, how) we choose to let rejection affect us. i process this shit as quickly as i can because i believe it's part of becoming a better person.

i am not saying people bring upon rejection, but i am saying that CHOOSING to really experience and understand one's own feelings, reactions, and approaches often associated with rejection - sadness, anger, loneliness, self-esteem loss, hurt, etc. - is really important. choosing to be pissed off - fine, but really?! so take a deep breath THEN choose to be honest, and do not give blame or take blame.

after rejection,
everyone has the right to feel worthy.
occupy your space -
mental, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, physical -
with self-awareness and seeing your potential!

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  1. The stories that fill my head? They are many. And a waste of time. So, you're right. Close the gap. Go to the source. Get them straight, or dump the trash.


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