Sunday, February 27, 2011

#love2011: week 9 on celebrating age

the love project ... this week's assignment - celebrating age.
(image from artist:
kelly paige standard)

yvette, the project's creator, has included a main assignment and an option simply for a quick version of the week 9 assignment -
Assignment 9: Write a blog post or comment about your age and why it is the perfect age to be. Variations might be what you think the perfect age is and why. You can also talk about your birthday, why it's special, and how you are going to celebrate. Or if you really just want a very easy Love Project Assignment, then help me celebrate MY age by leaving me a Happy Birthday comment! Today I'm 51!
(last week's assignment: week 8 on reframing rejection
day after yvette's birthday - TODAY, 02/27 ... it's a GREAT DAY today - just-a-smidge-over 1-year anniversary of yvette's book over here and on amazon.

on internet radio - TODAY, 02/27 ... and CONGRATS to yvette and her book (The Laptop Dancer Diaries: A Mostly True Story About Finding Love Again) and her blog (Single Again Online Diary) for being featured on Boston's the dating marketplace with nic & neely, internet radio - their show this evening at 8 pm (EST) and therefore 5 pm (PST) for west coast folks. - Just wanted to say happy birthday on the off chance it's not one of the other 364 days

happy happy joy joy birthday, yvette!
... yesterday (feb 26) was yvette's prime number (51) birthday, so as is the case for any birthday greeting ...

and of course,
the happy happy joy joy celebratory chant
is from mr. stinky wizzleteats
of ren & stimpy fame or infamy(?) (over here)

happy prime number 51!

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  1. Hey Shirley,
    You are SUCH a sweetie! Thank you for the wonderful celebration of my birthday! Just reading this post was like a party for me! Happy, happy, joy, joy!!


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