Sunday, February 13, 2011

#love2011: week 7 on kindness

the love project ... this week's assignment - kindness.
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kelly paige standard)

yvette, the project's creator, has made this week's assignment a bit of a two-fer ... dovetailing the love project week 7 with a week's event starting up by the random acts of kindness foundation -
Assignment 7: Do something kind for someone. Pretty simple! If you blog either about your act of kindness or an act of kindness that was done for you, I'll add it to this week's Website Wedneday.

Extra Credit:
Want a bigger challenge? Take the Extreme Kindness Challenge. From the press release:

“The ‘extreme’ in our challenge is that we’re urging people to take their kind acts to extremes by committing to do a random act of kindness every day for a week,” explained Marilyn Decalo, director of the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. “We’ll provide plenty of help with daily action prompts and daily updates on how many acts of kindness the group completes. We believe that encouraging extreme kindness in this way is Our Ticket to a Kinder World.”

(last week's assignment: week 6 on love notes)

(although i'm still in the midst of week 6's love note assignment, given valentine's day tomorrow, i am looking forward to this week's assignment, as well.)

my friend, christina, and kindness tapas ... just yesterday afternoon, before i knew about this week's love project assignment, i was talking with my friend, christina. christina shared with me a vision she had of what she would be accomplishing, AND it was all about her making a difference in peoples' lives - on a VERY broad, international scale - through kindness.

what i see ... as christina was sharing, i could completely see this for her, and this is when i started talking about her and kindness tapas, essentially, a bit of a spin on kindness - taking bite-sized acts of kindness along with some food component (and it was not like she mentioned food). i have NO IDEA how food crept in, but it did ...
  • small acts of kindness + small plates of food,
  • maybe it will be some sort of kindness and hunger nexus,
  • kindness and health-minded foods, e.g., organic, locavore, nutritious, etc.,
  • kindness and bringing people together over tapas where they accomplish a group project,
  • ... WHO KNOWS?!
whatever christina will be doing, i'm in. i will support her however i can! who wouldn't want to support someone dedicated to kindness?!

back story - why christina and i have stayed connected ... because christina and i believe that what others think of as dreams, we know to be possibilities. christina taught me this many years ago in 1993.

i've known christina since 1991, when i worked in san diego. in 1994, when i had my epiphany (as shared in reverb10's one word), christina was there not only to support me but also to explain what i was experiencing - something i completely did not understand. christina and i later left that cubeopolis for our own journey and self-expression. and through the years, we have kept in touch via telephone, email, and my occasional eyeball-to-eyeball visits to san diego (for which i am long past due for another visit, so i'll work on that for an april trip). through the decade or so, we always seem to check-in with each other at really special moments in our lives - those moments of transition and discovery. and every time we have done so, i have left the conversation that much more excited and energized. i am excited to see what we create in 2011! needless to say, christina is stuck with me, in a good way. xoxo

thanks, love project,
for bringing kindness and love together!


  1. Kindness tapas... interesting idea. Keep me posted on Christina's project. Maybe I can blog about it and help spread the word when she's ready.

  2. My first act of kindness? Yesterday I left a HUGE pile of chocolate as a surprise for Valentine's Day for my overworked colleagues. But the silly part of me left them in emesis basins!!!

  3. thanks for sharing this...


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