Sunday, February 13, 2011

yhd2011: mind mapping tool

thinking space ... an android app for portable mind mapping, thinking space is this week's app-checking-out-thingy. i am going to give thinking space a whirl, and perhaps, the fumbling for pens will be replaced by phone-fumbling and occasional soft-cursing about low battery life.

on a recent post about yhd2011, delicate flower, aka bill n, commented about my being "way too organized" - which i'll take as a compliment, thank you very much.

stuff in my head ...
although i believe i generally can access "stuff" pretty well, i gots me LOTS OF STUFF in my head that constantly evolves and builds (or wedges or segments or branches or spirals or ...) upon each other. coupled with liking a combination of (depending on my mood) pen to paper, verbal spew, and/or my oh-so-obvious-smartphone-crush, i'm thinking the creative brain is simply dancing with my engineer-organized brain. perhaps the paso dobles or the cha-cha. maybe the roger rabbit, sprinkler, running man, ... whatever.

i decided to take the yhd scribble i did (to the left) and throw the basic elements of it onto thinking space (to the right). i added the element specific to my health & body goal. and as soon as i can make the best of the cloud function and file conversions, this can be pretty useful for all the evolving stuff in my head.

we'll see how this plays out throughout the week. with not alot of real estate on my droid's screen, while getting used to the menu options for thinking space - makes the effort a little clunky, but i am sure it's a matter of getting used to the app. plus, it's all about capturing the thought process!

what say you, bill n -
any tips for battery life?

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