Saturday, February 26, 2011

hipmtfn: reverbin' in 2011

#reverb11 ... just as with the december 2010 reverb10's reflecting and manifesting, there is a monthly reverb11 -
"Happy February! We're excited to be reconnecting with the Reverb community. At the beginning of each month, Reverb HQ will send one prompt, several reflect/manifest tools, and any other creative, useful things we come across. We're also back on Twitter, so you can follow us @reverb10. ... Like #reverb10, you may respond to this prompt as-is or remix it to suit your needs. Write, blog, photograph, draw or respond however you'd like. Tag on Twitter or Flickr with the hashtag "#reverb11" to share with others!"

this means there will be a monthly, thought-provoking question. and so it begins ...

february '11 prompt ... One month into 2011, what question(s) are you living? Are there any prompts/questions that arose during #reverb10 that are still resonating in your life? Are you living new questions?

the reflect & manifest tools shared ...
my thoughts - your heart's desire 2011 ... for me, questions that i am living are a product of activities, goals, and dreams with your heart's desire (yhd) as the framework. annually since the last '90s, i've checked-in on my annual yhd, with yhd2011 being no different. this year, goal statements came in the form of mindset, along with support (or tools) to move through a yhd.

"Are there any prompts/questions that arose during #reverb10 that are still resonating in your life?" ... there certainly are several that continue to resonate in my life, particularly those intentions for manifesting in 2011. also, several are inter-related with some common themes -
  • 2011 manifestions ... i am mindful of those prompts with manifestation type statements or prospective actions -
    • one word (enthusiasm),
    • community (to be part of/create) (apprentern, ignorance and knowledge, environmental professional development),
    • 11 (eleven) things (to eliminate) (paper stuff, dream zappers, extra journals, eating habits, impatience, exercise excuses, fridge cemetary, listening to harmful gossip, time suck shiny pennies, over-analyzing when decisiom-making, retail therapy),
    • action (related to apprenternship),
    • try (cross-fit),
    • healing (enthusiasm),
    • beyond avoidance (finances),
    • future self (vision board, authenticity, cubeopolis, fair, forthright, self-aware),
    • travel (domestic, abroad, family, friends, food, shoes - local, chicago, vermont, oregon, nyc, boston, d.c., spain, vancouver),
    • everything's o.k. (exploring how i can contribute to the issues of ignorance, etc.),
    • achieve (be speechless - fun variety of things),
    • defining moment (includes a recap at end of cubeopolis-related reverb10 reflections), and
    • core story (family, friends, lists, mindmapping, reflection, introspection, writing).
  • relationships and connections ... i found myself reflecting on events that are shaping my actions and behaviors to relate and connect with a variety of people, while also being with that tribe (as in how seth godin has shared with and here at TED) - so about relationships -
    • moment (on being true to one's self)
    • wonder (asking questions - who, what, where, when, how, why, and why not)
    • letting go (creating space to connect with others and to serve)
    • party (small group, food-centered social fun, esp. breaksfast buds/brunch)
    • appreciate (importance of friends like shiny penny andy)
    • friendship (silver lining friendships, preferred)
    • lesson learned (on being forthright)
    • ordinary joy (importance of friends like sci-fi guy)
    • defining moment (on cubeopolis, with recap of related reverb10 prompts)
prompts that stand out ... of the more than 20 above, i'd say the top 10 that are currently most shaping where i am now include - one word, community (to be part of/create), 11 (eleven) things (to eliminate), action, future self, beyond avoidance, everything's o.k., wonder, friendship, and defining moment. and if i had to just narrow it down to the top 3 - future self, friendship, and defining moment. these top 3 have the most common roots with my responses to the other top 20+ reverb10 prompts/questions.

"Are you living new questions?"
... indeed, after coming out of reverb10 with a little bit (well, maybe more like LOTS) of withdrawal, i am excited about evolving with healthier habits as health month is part of that, learning more about love in life with the love project (as part of more thoughts on community and blogger bosom buddies), and creating a community inspired (oddly enough) by the defining moment with an excuse to add to cubealabras and share cubeopolis tales. AND in yhd2011 words - these touch upon health & body, creative expression, and relationships.

oh future self ...
it's time to work on my vision board and
a website (in the making)!

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  1. I continue to be amazed at how much you do and for so many people. You seem to be able to keep up with so many love-filled communities. I hope they are filling you up with contentment and that you are receiving back what you are putting out.


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