Wednesday, February 16, 2011

f|break: mid-week nooner

check yourself ... thanks to my girlfriends who left little support notes - and snarky tidbits - about an on-line okcupid guy who dissed me via text msg before we even met. yes, giving that internet dating site stuff a try, along with actually meeting new people through friends and fun stuff i do. back to the on-line thing this weekend - i should say, i wasn't bummed so much more so surprised. so this fiber break is an almost-date story and a fiber break.

(side note on posting about dating: i wasn't going to post this little, mild tidbit, but i figure i needed to step up the dating stuff. a friend recently scheduled a lunch for me with a guy she wants me to meet - sweet. in addition to yvette's lessons of love from a laptop dancer, i'm digging this guy's it's not a match, so we'll see what dating yip-yap stories may make it on to girlnutkin. from the past, enjoy my friend's perspective about photos to post and then some, my IJAM experience (aka it's a lotta-money-for-a-lunch-scheduler), breakfast buds musing over on-line dating, the booty call (aka 1503 among friends), and stuff white people like and apparently asian girl - me - like).

back to this past weekend ... after about 2.5 email exchanges (because - well, those doing on-line, you know what i mean about the 0.5 email), i called him (because how many times can a guy include his phone number and email addy? one answer: 2.5 email messages). the call and the aftermath went something like this ...
  • saturday morning
    • me & him (aka 2.5 email msg guy or 2.5 emg): yip-yap, blah-blah, you seem fun, thank you, you're welcome, chuckles, using big words with lots of syllables, jibber-jabber, blah-blah.
      • 2.5 emg: chit-chat, yip-yap, i gave you four stars! i don't give stars out very often. jib-jab, blah-blah.
        (note to self: that's 4 out of 5 stars; where's the last star? how seriously do people take that star? oh right! it's kinda like yelp, ebay positive feedback, and like-kind, right?)
      • (apparently, after more yip-yap-blah-blah, we passed each others' gatekeeper & keymaster that a face-to-face made sense)
    • me: yip-yap, blah-blah, may go to farmers market in your area tomorrow, i'll call you later tonight, jibber-jabber, i may go to my friends rum party, blah-blah.
    • 2.5 emg (after phone call is over): text message - you have a great day (or something like that, and i can't remember if there was a smiley face.)
    • me: thnx.
      • (turns out, i didn't go to my friend's rum party. i cranked on a bunch of other cubeopolis and home stuff and yhd2011. i completely did a CYCCL (clean your closet, change your life) moment on my room and on about 3/4 of my kitchen. i took a power nap. i caught up on my dvr shows. i did some writing, reading, and 'rithmetic (bill paying).)
      • (and when it was 11:30 pm, i remembered - oops, forgot to call 2.5 emg. i'll call him in the morning at about 9AM, because any earlier is - EARLY for many)
  • sunday morning
    • me (up by 4 AM): tip-tap, click-clack, writing blog posts, commenting on websites, exercise, checking the time, home stuff, cubeopolis stuff, more exercise.
    • me (at 9 AM): looking for my phone. gotta text that i'll be heading to farmers market. i hear it chirp. it's my phone. found it!
    • 2.5 emg text message (at 9:00 AM!): Thanks for keeping your word and calling back. One thing I value is honesty! Your loss!
    • me (at 9:01 AM): i did a quick double-take at the irony, chuckled, and proceeded to email my girlfriend, harold's girl, at 9:13 AM. and then i realized - 2.5 emg still had a keymaster of which i was not aware.
as i told a few girlfriends ...
"well, at least he didn't capitalize ALL THE WORDS. he seemed normal on the phone and on email. he is right - i didn't call back last night. i guess i should include on my okcupid profile that i can be forgetful and flighty?"
(btw, 2.5 emg dude ... you scare me - which means you probably scare others. i'm not easy to scare. not in the YIKES, run for your way ... in the ewwww way.)

flashback fiber break with ice cube (over here)
for ~ 5:28 minutes with R-rated, UNCUT.
(if you don't want to hear curse words and then some,
do NOT view. skip to next clip for 6 seconds of G-rated.)

"check yourself before you wreck yourself"

and the recent movie, due date, brought that line back (over here)
for ~ 6 seconds with zack galifianakis

"you better check yourself before you wreck yourself"


  1. so, did you tell him?

  2. @jenm ... actually, i did text back to let him know i was just getting ready to text him about heading to farmers market, etc. THEN i deleted the conversation after i sent it. :)

  3. Yeah, obviously a very intolerant, disrespectful guy. Glad you didn't waste any time with him. I think I'll blog about the "Your loss" response tomorrow...

  4. about the your loss guy ... he actually messaged me on OkC asking "any luck yet?". and no, i am not going to respond.

  5. OkC and PoF run away! I used both of them and.....first guy,showed up in torn shirt and dirty shoes. Second, didn't really have a job and lived with his mother. Third, after an hour and two beers he paid the tab while I was in the restroom. I hugged him good night and weren't home and fell asleep. I woke up at 3am and found over 20 text messages. They started out nice, saying what a good time he had and asked if I liked him. Then why wasn't I answering him and I was a stuck up bitch. Continued on to even worse. He texted me horrible things until I blocked him. I bought my 9mm gun that week. Remember you get what you pay for.


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