Saturday, February 12, 2011

h|month-terview (feb '11): preview questions ...

for #healthmonth fun ... we are continuing our get-to-know TEAM CDWL@edi, aka h|month-terview - a faux-interview of sorts, albeit truthful responses. in january, we had 5 team member; february has us with 7 team members.

our questions for january were based on the inside the actor's studio j.lipton's wait-for-it end of interview chat.

this month's interview is poached from based on an amex my life, my card campaign many years ago (regular folk can answer these Qs, also, right?), which ellen degeneres served as the flagship.

(SIDE NOTE: this our our team's add-on-fun, inspired by healthmonth and is NOT formally part of the on-line healthmonth experience. but hey! spurring on creativity is a good thing, too!)

what if i'm not on team CDWL@edi ... and want an interview? we welcome you. we just ask that you answer respectfully, and, even if you are not on our team, you give it a try (at least for threes day in a week this month) by our team requirements of ...
  • DAILY DO smile at least to one stranger.
  • DAILY DON’T roll your eyes.
  • SHARE at least 2 (two) tips about what you've been learning from health month - about your habits, about healthier options, about avoiding pitfalls - anything!
my name:
  • childhood ambition:
  • fondest memory:
  • soundtrack:
  • retreat:
  • wildest dream:
  • proudest moment:
  • biggest challenge:
  • alarm clock:
  • perfect day:
  • first job:
  • indulgence:
  • last purchase:
  • favorite movie:
  • inspiration:
my life:
my card:

stay tuned for february's
get-to-know team CDWL@edi
(or at least a few of the team members)

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