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f|back (sept '06): Y ... because (with urban trees)

just a meme from way back when in this 2006 flashback from june and september, including the september comment (from way back when) ...

(repost from 06/04/2006)

trees on one side of the streeturban tree on the other side of the street

... and (repost from 09/06/2006)

... it's been a relatively long time (end of may) since spinning girl issued "Y" ... and i'm stepping up to the plate. i've been in the dugout a bit ... then mulling things around on deck ... but now it's time ...
[one of the SD urban trees ]

... to start writing again, and to start sharing,
[as spinning girl has done so]

so it goes something like this ...

"Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along."
[for those of you who STILL refuse to post and INSIST on calling me or e-Mailing me ... fine ... feel free to continue to do so - but know that it's o.k. to get with the program]

[PREVIEW: yttrium, youth/young, yesterday, yes & you, yolk, year, yip yap, gen Y... and then something to share that begins with the letter "c"... so i didn't quite get to '10 words' with "Y" ... so that's why i'm sharing some 'C' that came to mind]
  • Y, a.k.a. yttrium ... on the periodic table. the periodic table was my friend and my enemy in college. and majoring in chemical engineering is DIFFERENT from majoring in chemistry. here's the deal - i don't know all the chemicals listed on the periodic table. i know the ones that are related to what i do now - air quality (e.g., H, C, O, N, S). y'see, chemical engineering is different from chemistry, because the folks with chemistry degrees have MANY, MANY other elements they deal with. but don't get me wrong ... it's not like i know my chemical engineering stuff. but i do know PV=nRT, and that has gotten me far enough. and from chemistry, i did like the grignard reaction! (by the way, i thought of "Y", the chromosome, for whom i adore my gay friends, as well as my straight friends, but then i'd just end up writing about dating, and i've already been there, done that. ha!)

  • youth, young - and its other "relative" words ... to me - youth/young is **not** about plastic surgery, one's age, or immaturity. growing, learning, and discovering are words i associate with youth/young. in fact, i also believe that when one is old or older, there continues to be the opportunity to grow, learn, and discover. (but my letter is "Y", so i'm sticking with the directions). thank you for telling me i look young for my age, but also know that i'm o.k. even if i look "as old" or "older", as i cherish being told so by my 6 yr old niece and my 8 yr old nephew that my gray hair looks cool for an old tia.

  • yesterday ... is as important to me as today and tomorrow. many-many-many yesterdays ago, i learned to play piano; i believe that has contributed to my interest in music. many-many yesterdays ago i lived in sacramento and my fond memory from back then ... life planning on a chili's restaurant napkin while eating seasoned french fries with a good friend; i continue this, as it has become part of who i am, oddly enough. (now, i'm not as picky about the restaurant, and i don't need to be eating french fries when doing so.) many yesterdays ago my dad died. as very emotional and sad as that was, remembering that yesterday gives me strength. just yesterday i had dinner with a good friend. i hope to have more wonderful yesterdays!

  • yes & you ... i am moving to the bay area. please be supportive. got things in motion. and now, most realistically, i will get movers scheduled for the 1st week of october to pick my sh** up and pack some sh** up. if you are reading this and rolling your eyes because it's not the september time frame, please don't make this about you. you may detect some attitude here, but that is not my intent; it's me --- being direct, honest, and informative. it's to let you know that it's difficult to leave you if you are in SD, and to let you know (if you live in the BA) that i'm excited to be moving to the BA. yes i would like some help and advice regarding my move, and you are an important part of that, but please ... remember it's also about me. and if you want to do the whole "tough love" thing about the move, i'll appreciate the attention, but i'd prefer the cheerleader approach, if ya don't mind. yes, i'll answer my e-mail and phone if you cheer! you, i love dearly for the support!

  • yolk (and this is not about eggs) or yoke ... i own a sewing machine, really (i think it's packed away, right now). and i learned how to sew many-many-x3 yesterdays ago. first item - a smock. second item - an apron. third item - overalls. and fourth item - plaid hoody ... all circa mid-'70s. and afterwards - "real" stuff - painter pants, blazers (for my mom), shorts, camp shirt (a bit of a failure, but i tried), and of course, my sr. prom dress (from a Vogue pattern ... where the fabric color totally had to match my shoes). sew lately? not so much. i still have the machine - so maybe i will do so. could it be that i watch my fav reality tv show, project runway (and its reruns) because of this little hobby?

  • year ... another year is what i'll be turning - when i'm moved in to the BA. i'll be a prime number (which holds special meaning for me, and i don't know why). i was born in the year of the rabbit, with the water sign. checking out other water rabbits --- i am in good company (... oh you, mr. depp!)

  • yip yap... is pretty much why i have the cell phone plan with the mostest minutes ever ... and i manage to exceed the mostest minutes ever like this tall, this wide, and this deep! yip yap yip yap yip yap. it's also why i don't mind when people say "yeah, we expected that" after I say "i have an opinion" - "i have a question" - "i ..." yip yap yip yap yip yap. and if i'm not yip yapping, i'm probably tip tapping on my keyboard. and if i'm not tip tapping, i'm likely just doing something. do i sit still and quiet? sure. like i mentioned, i have to watch my show! don't call me during the show - i won't yip yap with you. commercials - catch me during commercials.

  • Gen Y ... or as i have recently learned, aka the Millennials. My interns - Gen Y. Me? - uh... not so sure. i need to get/stay with the program. Wiki tells me this. Pink Magazine tells me this. Because i still intend to have r|intern when i'm moved up in the BA, i also am aware that it's in my best interest for r|intern to attract them gen Yers. (thanks j, for the tip back then!) In the end ... X, Y, e-i-e-i-o ... let's all just get along, eh? oh! i should say that i have learned quite a bit from r|interns ...sothanks much! (now, go find me some enviroslaves, eh? j/k.)
o.k. - and now for my departure into "C" - which is simply because i am going to B&J to get some "chocolate therapy" (!!!).
  • criminal ... o.k. - he was a criminal. yes, i - uh - "dated" (sort of but sort of not) - someone who was once (or maybe twice) in prison. (i found this out AFTER our 2nd date.)
  • calipatria ... "prison," you say? "yes," i say, "prison." calipatria prison, to be exact.
  • center for land use interpretation ... "huh? what does this have to do with criminal and calipatria?" HELLO!!! ---"C" (we've moved on from "Y").
here is the deal - when the center described calipatria, which houses criminals, here is what was written. and if you are too lazy to go to that link, let me help you out - it says ...
"Visitor Info: Like most prisons, it can be visited through proper channels, by either arranging a press tour, having relatives to visit there, or by commiting a crime. Public roads surround the facility, which is said to have a high-voltage electric perimeter fence. On Blair Road, northeast of downtown Calipatria."
this - i found worth taking up my time several weeks ago when i googled calipatria.
  • chocolate therapy ... ciao!
[and if you wanna read another 'me' thing,
i was tagged a while back.]
Blogger Spinning Girl said...

Brava my dear! You did a fine job, and never mind the wait! I had the toughest letter of all (I)so ergo handed out difficult letters, myself. I like the "skip to" new letter concept...hmmm, thinking of how to do a meme like that. Whatever letter you skip to, the "tagged" have to start with, then skip to another letter? Hmmm, maybe I will try that ...

Skipping to B&J sounds about
right, at this moment ...

Long live the chemists (myself included)! And yes, I know every element. I'm a big geek that way!

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