Thursday, March 31, 2011

f|break: thursday morn

inspiration ... with @craigyferg (on twitter and the late late show), my current crush*, has a nice inspirational interview. for this morn's fiber break, wendy booker (over here) became the recipient of craig's (via carrie fisher) kangaroo balls. (yes, testicles) her story is fabulous. her mission is inspiring. she shares -
Exactly what your mission is doesn’t matter. What truly matters is that you find a way to push beyond the obstacles in your life to discover your passion and achieve more than you ever thought possible.
for whatever reason, i thought about this interview this morning, so here are wendy and craig. and for completeness, the "bonus" fiber break of carrie fisher bestowing of the kangaroo bits.

enjoy a thursday morning fiber break with craig (over here)
for ~ 10 minutes with wendy booker


enjoy the carrie- harvested kangaroo scrotum - craig moment
(over here) for about 11+ minutes

* crush on craig, you say? ... previous posts include his ruckus interview with aaron eckhardt, with sid (here, here ), with dr. who fabulous musical bit, and there are many in the queue to be posted.

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  1. It sounds like I'm not the first person to have a crush on Craig Ferguson. There's something about his goofy persona and that accent! Plus, he's so much HIMself. I love that. Tender heart. Super funny without tearing people down.

    I'll look forward to more from you because I don't get to see him much on the tele.


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