Friday, March 4, 2011

health month '11 primer

what (or where) is health month?
health month is an on-line healthy-habits and social game over at it is described by creator health month's buster benson in the origin story (over here) and about how to play (over here). here is my little post (over here) on being part of the monthly fun. individually or as part of a team, health month can and will make a difference! ask anyone who has been part of it for even 3 days.

where can one check it out?
there are four site where one can check out the fun -
who is part of shirlnutkin's team CDWL@edi?
first of all, our team name is an anagram for 2 rules that the founders shared in our first month - allow alcoholic drinks and cook dinner.
Team CDWL@edi, formed in 12/03/2010,
with carlito as our godfather.

second of all, to actually chose our team picture - well, that's another story. it involved the magic 8-ball and a total of four picture options (over here) from which to choose.  and third of all, we are simply a group of friends and friends of friends coming together.  in december, there were 3 of us. january brought two more members. and in february, we are rounding out with 7 members - progressing to encourage others to have fun with us!
  • our mission - eat more plants and grains. eat less meat and carbs. have more fun. watch less tv. have fun with anagrams. (and boink?)
  • requirements to be on team CDWL@edo -
    • DAILY DO smile at least to one stranger.  
    • DAILY DON’T roll your eyes.

    you can go solo, form your own team, or if you want to join team CDWL@edi, keep it short to let me know via email, facebook, twitter, or as a comment on this blog post, and then i'll bring it to the founders to noodle on it. (wink.) if you want, you also can ask to be invited.

    health month fun - a work-in-progress
    with my nutshell monthlies, it is apparent that health month fun can (and will) be regularly posted. so a much easier way to share this will be in on this page. related posts have a label for health month.
    (last updated: 02/05/11)

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