Saturday, March 19, 2011

f|break: saturday morn music

music ... @jeremypassion (on his website, facebook, tumblr, youtube, and twitter) is touring now.

at yestereve's late show at sj improv with jo koy (over here on his website, facebook, and twitter) - the two of them together singing with little smatterings of jo koy's verbal hug fest and lovin' for jeremy ... absolutely fabulous!

here are three clips to settle in and get to know and hear a little jeremy ...

enjoy your fiber break with
jeremy and his friend melvin (over here)
for ~6+ min singing beautifully cater 2 u

(this clip/song mentioned last night as part of the beginning of jo's lovin' for jeremy)

enjoy mrs. intuition (over here), an original from jeremy, for ~ 4:30+ min

enjoy jeremy's recent twitbook medley jam session (over here) for ~ 8+ min

thank YOU, jeremy,
for your beautiful music and voice

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