Tuesday, March 1, 2011

#love2011: random thoughts for week 9

celebrating age ... this week 9 love project assignment is allowing me to take a little short-cut and combine week 9 with dating.

but first, my random thoughts ... i've been thinking not only about celebrating age (my prime age) but the ritual of celebrating other recurring events, such as anniversaries, memorials, work anniversaries. those that come to mind have the more common measure of years past. i'm giving thought as to what are the other celebratory milestones that are NOT measured annually. still thinking beyond celebrating the end of a semester in college ... the second date that leads to a third date and possible fourth date ... others?

dating ... meanwhile, this morning i listened to yvette's sunday evening interview on the dating market place with nic & neely while getting ready to head to cubeopolis. it's a quick, informative and fun interview!

ah-ha ... celebrating dating and age! enjoy my little flashback to this past mid-january ...

and the outcome, by the way, was not a peep or acknowledgment from the 41 year old. however, i have since contacted a few other men younger than me. (note to self ... step up the meeting people.)

as for the flip side of dating someone older, i've done so back in the day when i was younger. i've met a few men who are older than me.

enjoy these reasons to date an older man
(from my 30-year old friend),
which means a man 48 years or older.

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