Monday, March 14, 2011

#love2011: week 11 on gratefulness

the love project ... this week 11 assignment - gratefulness.
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kelly paige standard)

yvette, the project's creator, is giving us an opportunity to reflect and acknowledge those around us by sharing our gratefulness.
Assignment 11: Be consciously aware of the people in your life each day who help you and thank them, either with a heart-felt 'thank you,' or by following up with an email, a card, or some other token of thanks. If you write a blog post or comment, let me know, and I'll feature you on Website Wednesday.
(last week's assignment: week 10 on romance,
but i didn't do the assignment; will do a make-up.
meanwhile, my last, last week's assignment - week 9 on celebrating age)
oh reverb10, how you revisit me! ... as soon as i saw this assignment, i smiled. i remembered a previous week's assignment that involved my response dealing with gratefulness - week 5 - ONE WORD (over here). it was my thoughts on week 5 that included a bit about gratefulness. for ease of rolling into week 11's assignment, i'm going to reminisce a little more about what i shared in week 5.

"it's a gift" ... to this day, i ALWAYS remember the little 1994 "it's a gift" story. and just to restate, it goes something like this -
  • a friend commented on how lovely i looked in a dress i was wearing.
  • i said, "oh, this is just a dress i got, ...".
  • she cut me off reminding me, "please don't take away the gift i gave you. you brightened my day. this is when you simply say - thank you."
interestingly, yesterday i was catching up on my dvr and watched the most recent episode (patient siberia) of the mentalist. in the last scene, a man offers during a heartfelt scene a saint's medallion as a gift and thank you to patrick jane (aka the mentalist and hottie simon baker). initially, patrick does not accept the medallion - saying he doesn't believe in it. ultimately, he does accept it. ... i was glad to see the scene end with patrick being thankful.
daily thanks ... one of the blogs i visit is that of a woman, yvette, whom i met through my reverb10 experience. long story short - her blog titled ramblings includes daily - YES, DAILY(!) - thanks. yvette shares three things each day. it's awesome! she's awesome! quite inspirational, i tell ya!
healthmonth ... finally, as one of my march health month rules, i have list things you are grateful for every day. here is what i chose for today's entry.
you're welcome!

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