Monday, March 28, 2011

uncharacteristically blog-quiet ...

indeed ... 5 posts over the past two weeks?! yes indeed - quite uncharacteristic. time for shirlnutkin to get back to characteristic. time to gather some nuts (again)!

for starters ... social food fun and yip-yap on saturday - a been-a-long-time breakfast buds morning, so the quiet will slowly let up. although not at much ruckus as breakfast buds new year's napkin fun at ella's, we caught up at 900 grayson - catching up on dating, non-dating, and what's dating(?) stories. trips planned and still in the planning stages. learned what it REALLY means when the host's mutters "it may be about 1 hour and 20 minutes". and finally, knowing that without planning a breakfast buds moment, there will be other breakfast buds moments in the future. (always fun times!)

side note: always love 900 grayson (on yelp and their site). it's not just their cheese grits - it's their almond macaroon, alfajores, specialty sausage offering, fresh ingredients, and fun-fun-service (which includes the decoder ring).

nudge from a friend ...
thanks to my buddy, yvette, who gave me a little nudge saturday afternoon - "i hope that's simply because you're busy with other stuff and isn't reflective of discouragement of any sort."

my response ... my note back to yvette included words and phrases such as - "work ... pretty major ... sick mon + tues ... bundled up ... bit of discouragement .. slow train wreck ... catch-up ... life observed ... regular fun/creative things ... housecleaning ... funky-ness ...". with cubeopolis life being quite the contributor to how i spend my time - day-time AND a few evenings here and there - the past 2 weeks have spoken ... get clarity and (re)focus!

a bit o' social stuff ... however, amidst the meh-blogging over the past 2 weeks, i have had a bit o' social activities that have included attending comedy shows last week, a very awesome brunch where i met my friend's baby girl (10-months old) for the first time, happy hour and dinner with a buddy, and breakfast buds yip-yap (which included chomping on a TASTY(!) alfajor). ALSO, i have LOVED the flurry of FB fluevog sisterhood shares and comments among glady, dorothy, and joanne.

reconnecting with what i've missed ... as i am playing catch-up, i realize that it is time to reconnect and get my ass in gear. for good or bad, i'm still in the search mode as i was back in mid-january. time to get jump back onto love2011 and health month posts, and given the out-and-about food stuff i've been doing, a few food posts are in the future. the daily reverb10 has evolved into a monthly reverb11 or re11, with my contribution to february's prompt over here, and a yet-to-be-posted-response for the march re11 prompt (hmmm ... what a prompt?!)

i am a couple of months behind on my nutshells, with january as the most recent nutshell (though february is teed up somewhere in my drafts). and for me, there is the catch-all yhd2011, for which i recommitted in march. B3 (or blogger gals) is still a go (yippee!!!), and although kit's cyccyl (on facebook and yet-to-be-revamped site) is in hibernation, i still keep my kit kick going on. and in the world of cubeopolis, intending to continue to be involved activities that make the workplace an enriching experience.

and a few adders in the mix ... with my recommittment to yhd2011, i am using my droid's springpad and thinking space (mind mapping) much more so i can capture, organize, share, and act on ideas that keep flying ... and just in case my phone is not around, i've got my purse-friendly paper-pen moleskine grid journal and action runner notepad. while doing a bit of human-spring-cleaning, i am getting read to work with human performance expert, tracy, at t2 performance solutions, and i am signed up for a greenleaf center course on the foundations of servant leadership, which i was introduced back in 1999.

to r|cat or not to r|cat? that amidst cubeopolis ... and go figure, for whatever reason, i have been pondering a complete overhaul of r|cat - not at all what it once was, while retaining the same vision and values. dunno where that's coming from, but i'm going with it for now to see what pops out at the end. meanwhile, yes, i'm sticking with cubeopolis.

oh those?
that's the pair of fluevogs i'll own

after this week's cubeopolis
i'll get them sooner and
sleep with
stare at them
wear them after this week's cubeopolis

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  1. Glad to see you're back. And 5 blog posts in two weeks is actually a "good" week of blogging for most! It's just uncharacteristically quiet for you. Thanks for the loyalty to #love2011. We will have to have a "virtual gal pal date" as one of next quarter's "dates"!


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