Thursday, March 3, 2011

yhd2011: time to recommit

the daily love ... i love #TDL over here, here on twitter, and here on facebook - created by mastin kipp (on twitter).

last year when i first got on twitter, my friend, reggie, shared TDL with me, and i've been hooked. i'd often retweet TDL or find myself saying something - or better yet - doing something that was shared through or inspired by TDL.

lately, it has been a mix of saying/doing and checking out the website. time to just get my TDL email. get yours, too!

thanks for the reminder, the daily love!

recommitting to 2011 goals ... yesterday's post, it's march 2011! time to recommit to your goals! was a fun quick reminder. mastin shared -
"So, 2 months have swept by and we have 10 full months left. This is a great time to look back at your New Year’s resolutions, check in with your intentions, review your goals and see where you are.

Have you kept your promise to yourself? Are you keeping a high standard for your goals, intentions and resolutions?"

and i shared my thoughts about this in a comment. (mastin mentions about his recommitting to his health goals, so needless to say, i shared about health month.)

recommitting and revisiting yhd2011 ... this immediately reminded me of my little tradition with your heart's desire. and this year, i'm approaching yhd a little differently - keeping some traditions, adding a twist, or adding something new altogether.

(tradition) i have a table with each of the 10 areas listed. this year, (a twist) i've gone back to my crazy paper-tracing paper (a few steps short of napkin-planning) and (new things) am using little apps on my phone - mind mapping with thinking space and taking notes and some journaling on springpad. (admittedly, i am not as consistent with springpad; note to self - get on it!) and with the pick the brain share of monthly goals, (new thing) this month's goal will be recommitting to yhd.

yhd check-in ...
(tradition) i will do a quarterly check-in of my yhd2011 just to see where i'm at in the 10 areas - a qualitative check. with TDL's recent post, (a twist) i am going to switch it up and check-in sooner throughout the coming weeks. (tradition) half-way through (in june or july), i'll revisit yhd a little more formally. (new thing) however, i also will incorporate a little of the reverb11. sounds anal and structured, but for me, its' actually a more creative and fun process, especially with self-reflection from reverb11 (via reverb10). plus, with the many thoughts, goals, and dreams going on in my head that will see the light of day, it's necessary just to sit still with my yhd.

what goals are you recommitting?
what goals are you fine-tuning?
how are you celebrating your commitment?

thanks TDL for the reminder!

(by the way, i'm doing pretty well with my yhd2011,
HOWEVER, i do have to step up reverb10 beyond avoidance,
which happens to be my #1 yhd2011 (and achilles heel) - ah taxes!)


  1. Thank you for the reminder to remember our goals for this year. Mine is to move my program forward, with the help of the Blogger-Gals! And it is working. Thank you for your commitment to the Blogger-Gals as I am directly benefiting from our time together!

  2. Shirley, it makes me dizzy to read about all you're doing! You truly are an amazing person! Thank you for so much support.

  3. @kay - you're welcome.

    @yvette - you have many goals and activities, also - i just have this visual thing i do to keep me in check, you know! ... that and blogger gals, just as kay mentions! i'm sure you have some way of looking to stay focused on those things that excite you! (and it doesn't hurt to use my droid phone as a tool to be mindful, eh?)


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