Saturday, April 23, 2011

f|break: saturday morn

#archer ... LOVE @aishatyler and because thursday night was the season 2 finale of archer* (on web, twitter, facebook), i've been going through a l'il bereavement.

dvr catch-up ... and because i'm catching up on my dvr'd shows, i have been catching up on a current tv (over here) show - infomania (over here).

BONUS ... brett erlich (on twitter, facebook), host of infomania (on facebook) and viral video film school (over here), interviewed - - - drum roll - - - lana kane, aka aisha tyler (on web, twitter, facebook, myspace)!
enjoy a saturday morn fiber break with aisha tyler (over here)
for ~3:10 min as interviewed by brett erlich on infomania

she could put some pants on, that might be nice
halo ... that was my gateway drug
hey nerds ... are you masturbating to this conversation ...?


  1. There are often inappropriate thoughts in my head about heer steam shovel-ly big hands. Best show on TV ever.

    Bill N

  2. it is completely a fun show!


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