Wednesday, April 20, 2011

f|break: wed morn #icecream

LOVES me mr. and mrs. miscellaneous organic, flavorful, and tasty ice cream (on facebook) - and so do many others (on yelp)!

where to go ... i shared a while back (over here) that it's a great place on a warm day - located in the san francisco dogpatch area - 699 22nd at 3rd street (closes at 6:00 pm & closed on mondays). it's a great place any day (except for monday, i guess).

the routine-ish ... on weekdays, if i've driven into work, mr. and mrs. miscellaneous - which is about 2.5 miles on surface streets from work - is ALWAYS a possible after-work ice cream treat, as long as i leave the parking area by -
  • 5:20 (or much sooner) if traffic near my work is congested, or
  • 5:35 if traffic is near non-existent, or
  • 5:40 if traffic is near non-existent and there is little to no talking in the car (shiny penny andy and pho queen les lie know what that means)
upon arrival ... if we've looked on facebook prior to driving over to see if/what the flavors are posted, we do a combo of the following -
  • lament that there may be a "sold out" sign on a fave flavor,
  • cheer because the flavor we want to try is still available,
  • sample flavors that we may normally not try or no nothing about
  • negotiate amongst ourselves which flavors to enjoy, and
  • pray to the goddess asphalta that there is parking nearby enough, AND IF NOT, i push out the car while it's moving make whomever is/are my passenger(s) get in the door comfortably before closing at 6 pm,
  • scoop ice cream and making orgasmic noises while doing so,
  • chat with ann or ian
flavors? ... ever-changing. annabelle and ian shared on march 28th the following 136 flavor creations

video by a fan ... shared on mr. and mrs. miscellaneous facebook page by fan lucy laliberte - whom i don't know but liking her nifty other videos and shares (on tumblr, on vimeo) - here is lucy's ice cream field trip -

enjoy a morning fiber break from lucy laliberte (over here)
for ~ a minute of vicariously visiting mr. and mrs. miscellaneous

Project Miscellany from Lucy Laliberte on Vimeo.

the directive ... as the current foursquare mayor (since march 30, for which i understand from ian that the former mayor, ryan g, will likely be giving me a run for my mayorship), so says shirlnutkin while scooping coffee + doughnuts and fudge ripple ...



  1. What a neat post! Looking forward for more post from you. Thank you for sharing!

  2. i shall reclaim my title one day...i SHIRLEY will!!! ;) word to albertos 3 rolled tacos!!

  3. oh ryan g ... you know about san diego?! i lived near the hillcrest area - and faves on Washington Street - El Cuervo and La Posta (24-hour even!).

  4. yup yup! spent my college days @ USD. Nico's was right down the street from campus, so that is where many a rolled taco was consumed...but when out and about...well you know...just about anywhere would do!!

    i miss diego town, but havin lived in the city for 15 years, anything above 70 degrees is TOO damn hot!! fortunately, there is Mr. and Mrs. Misc to keep me cool!! :)

  5. very cool. and yes, i know nico's! you are right about the many taquerias! and agree about missing SD, though great place to visit and all and see old friends. perhaps our path will cross at mr. and mrs. misc ... ian mentioned you go there pretty regularly, so i'm sure the 4sq mayorship i have will be short-lived. enjoy the weather (and ice cream)!


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