Sunday, April 17, 2011

green me, green you

earth day ... with @funnyordie (on web, twitter, facebook, tumblr), a refresher green message from funny or die is just in time for this year's earth day that is just around the corner.

throughout the coming week, i'll include a few posts with an environmental bent of sorts. which of the bajillion events will be you attend? volunteer? promote? or just talk about? start the week with a few oldie but goodie tips for mother earth and a few new ones -
enjoy a recyclable fiber break with the green team (over here)
lead by erin gossamer, jim smegg, arnold darkshner
(aka adam mckay, john c. reilly, will ferrell)
for ~ 3 minutes while you eat organic cereal and local foods

there’s a place for that. it’s called the waste basket.
unplug your cell phone charger | turn out ... lights | biodegradable napkins |

try wrapping your feces in tinfoil and saving it in a cooler.

just because i’m an environmentalist doesn’t mean i’m a sissy motherfucker!
always bleach

missed any of the enviro-tidbits?
check out the transcript over here

1 comment:

  1. I am cracking up about the "just because I'm an environmentalist doesn't mean I'm a sissy motherfucker". I love it!!! I'm putting it as QOTD today

    We are attending two cool events on Earth Day - bag free day - no plastic bags AT ALL! And planting seedlings inside cardboard Merrell shoe inserts!

    Fun - fun - fun~!


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