Friday, November 18, 2011

five hard inches ...

boot heels, that is ... from @fluevog, last week my fluevog faith | certitude red clog boots took their virgin voyage into san francisco and cubeopolis. with a 1-inch platform and a 5-inch heel, i had a nifty new view in the cubeopolis maze; in other words, i could see over the cube partitions a l'il more!

"thank you" ... it's what i said quite often for those who complimented my boots. first compliment? male stranger in elevator as i started my day in cubeopolis - 
"wow, those boots are great! i hope they are as comfortable as they are totally cool!"
(great way to start the day!) yes, indeed, they were. admittedly, at least for me (who is not used to wearing heels), i'm not sure if i'd be able to do that walk-all-over-the-city all day and night, but i know i can do so during the work day around the office and a jaunt out for lunch
critter love 

meanwhile, my little cubemates (aka toys in my cube) bore witness to my virgin voyage.

and thanks for the elbow of shiny penny andy that was available in case i could not comfortably navigate the little slope/hill jaunt out for lunch a couple of blocks away.

(and visit my addiction)
[p.s. no animals were hurt
during this photog shoot.
girl squirrel is fine!]

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