Saturday, November 19, 2011

f|break: saturday morn

movie time? ... @thecomedycouple (on web, youtube, twitter, facebook) are my new friends. they have solved my on-going movie-going dilemma (and have a dog, for which i live vicariously through dog-owners, for now)!  

hello new friends, andy and rhoda (and atticus - woof)! ... actually, i haven't met them, so i'm not even sure if it's polite or acceptable to call them by their first names or take atticus for a walk or a tummy rub. in fact, they live in so cal and have no idea who i
on youtube

here's the skinny ... the comedy couple share bedtime movie reviews with their dog atticus, who serves up the movie rating. (i'm virtually petting atticus now.) key words?
    movie reviews
I AM IN! i'm thinking that among my gadgetman, rennie, and the comedy couple movie-opiners, i'll have my movie-social-calendar handy.

enjoy your morning fiber break with the comedy couple (over here)
for ~ 3:44 min to decide whether you'll see this movie -
the (re)new(cycled) the twighlight saga: 
breaking dawn (on imdb) part f*#kin' 1

 (i've decided whether i'll see this movie, 
although i s'pose it was kind of pre-determined 
with the words twilight saga.*)

thank you, 
the comedy couple!
* shhh ... i'll probably watch it
when it's on cable for the kitsch.

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