Thursday, November 17, 2011

targetting holiday gifting ...

shopping fun ... excited about @bazaarbizarresf (on web, twitter, facebook) in early december. there are many vendors (over here). and given i do want to focus on getting in to the bizarre to get out of the bizarre with nifty gifts (holiday and then some), here's second screening of vendors -
  • ayu tomikawa (on web, etsy) - there is a cute dog and butterfly greeting card; the dog looks like shiny penny andy's dog, max. 
  • binary winter (on web, etsy ) - last year, i bought from this vendor was a fabulous squirrel/gas mask t-shirt. i enjoyed their ash and ember - great illustrations and fairy tale twists.
  • (on web, etsy) - nifty journal bandoliers.
  • fuzzy ink (on web) - i loves me movember.
  • geraldine adams (on web, etsy) - i have a friend who lovingly decorates with a french flair.
  • gibberish (on etsy, blog) - periodic table pieces?! i'm in.
  • hillary williams (on web) - prints, paintings ... there is something about her work that i like.
  • hope johnson (on web, etsy) - i like her ceramic work; the colors are wonderful in person.
  • infinitus designs (on web) - chainmaille work is really nice.
  • jfish designs (on web, etsy) - ceramics again? yes. love the vases, cups, and mugs.
  • locket 2 you (on web) - interesting locket designs
  • LOV (on web) - last year, got a sweet meat for my buddy gadget man. just some fun, interesting, and unique items and designs. i'm up for some more sweet meats and we'll see what else LOV has.
  • maggie hurley (on web, etsy) - well, she has a squirrel on a wire print and what she calls whimsical art (indeed).
  • mediums to masses (on web, etsy) - oh pendants, glass pendants (even) ... i'm a sucker for pendants as little gifts.
  • nerd jerk (on etsy, blog) - you had me at nerd. and cross stitching? i wanna learn. others may wanna learn. what? a DIY nerdy cross stitch kit? i'm in.
  • nifnaks (on web, shop) - a cube squirrel from felting wook? why not?! i'll pick something up for myself.
  • stuffed misfits (on web, facebook) - I AM TOTALLY IN!!! why? "Stuffed Misfits are lovingly created from discarded stuffed animals left at thrift stores. They opened up, unstuffed, cleaned,  altered and restuffed, to create the critter that stares up at you with the intense longing to be love" (and just check out there site).
  • why girls go astry (on etsy) - nifty vases, paperweights, and plates. nifty is good.
  • yasmin perez (on web) - jelly fish jewelry? i'm intrigued.
re-screen? ... before the bizarre, i'll revisit this list as i plan for my gift shopping. meanwhile ...

next weekend?
SF auto show
(my car will be more than 10 years old)

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  1. my friend 'girl on the rocks' will be a vendor there too!


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