Monday, June 18, 2012

REALLY weather in indy?!

REALLY?! ... i'm taking a l'il vacation-ish from the s.f. bay area, and indy is serving me up ~45% - 60% humidity with random sun and not so sunny weather. why you gotta challenge me as i pack for my trip and do laundry? FINE. i'll pack a little more.

vacation-ish ... i'm taking some time away from cubeopolis. and i'll be meeting up with folks from the greenleaf center's annual conference. i'll be hanging out in the mass avenue district (of which i only know about that area from what i'm reading on-line), thanks to a nifty airbnb connection. i don't quite have much planned (yet) other than attending the conference . . . and . . . staying in a neat neighborhood . . . and . . . and playing tourist here and there . . . and having brunch on mass ave at hoaglin . . . and


p.s. ... oh, this evening's recent check on weather just a few updates. 

(still sweating)

1 comment:

  1. i lived in champaign, illinois, for about a year, and that forecast -- humid and hot -- sounds about right. however, there will be lots of relief indoors. :-) have a fabulous vacation-ish!


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