Friday, June 1, 2012

cubeopolis explained

what (or where) is cubeopolis?
cubeopolis is my term of endearment for a government job - quite the contrary to how i spent nearly 13 years of my life prior to heading to cubeopolis. within one week of rejoining a more traditional work setting, i threw my thoughts down. a friend had told me about her husband's re-entry into the traditional workforce under similar circumstances - he owned his own business for many years. she said it was still taking him time (already a year and counting) to acclimate. so, so true! (and my thoughts continue to evolve)

what is cubealabras?
cubealabras is my term of endearment for the mash-up of the words cubicle (Eng.) and palabras (Sp.).
  • def: cubicle (n) - kyü-bi-kəl ... a small partitioned area where work (and some frivolity) is conducted.
  • def: palabras (n) - pä-ˈlä-vräs ... words
the work-in-progress cubealabras dictionary can be found in these posts. and here are all posts tagged cubeopolis.

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