Friday, May 25, 2012

more about my tod's

hanging with my @fluevog little shoe addiction.

in march, i picked up a pair of tod's and my feet are happy. 

of course, admittedly, during this year's international fluevog day, i have added two more pairs of vogs since my early may 2012 count - 
. mini | qtee
. angels | supervog
- but more on that at a later date.

thanks, again, to jeff ... just wanted once again to thank jeff at the las vegas store. i have not (yet) added another pair of tod's because i just have not (yet) sought them out, however, i do remember the two other pairs that i tried -

thick sole, black patent leather loafers
sporty sneaker style oxfords
meanwhile, my tod's has been out and about in cubeopolis,
and this cubester had a fun day 
with polka dots, ribbon, and artwork.

is it time (yet) to do 
some hunting for tod's?


  1. those tods really are lovely, and i love that dress! perfect outfit, lady!

  2. トリーバーチ シューズを買うことがあります。もしこのシューズの一足があったら、履いたら、このシューズのよさがまずわかります。柔らかいレザーで、手触りはよくて、穿き心地が抜群!もし、将来機会があったら、絶対このシューズの魅力をおたのみましょう絶対失望の感覚がありません。これは評判が高いですから。それに、もし、トリーバーチ フラットがあったら、絶対文句がひとつもありません。実用性とファッション性が高いですから。


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